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Imagine a future where you and your partner experience a profound connection, celebrate emotional depth, and conquer challenges as a united front. 


Together you nurture a stronger and more joyful relationship as you heal wounds, overcome differences, and communicate more effectively.


With dedication and commitment, you learn to cultivate a more resilient and fulfilling coupleship.

Amy West is the Founder of CUP-Health and Coupleships Re-Imagined

Re-Imagined Journey Helps...


Unresolved Conflicts

Conflicts, new or old, when ignored or mishandled, silently erode and weaken the foundation of a relationship, jeopardizing its future.


The decline in physical and emotional intimacy can be painful and evoke a profound sense of loss, which results in disconnection, loneliness, and dissatisfaction within the relationship.


Painful communication patterns, whether silent and resentful or angry and loud, become shields that lead to misunderstanding, misinterpretations, and emotional distance.

Emotional Connection

The agony of losing emotional connection unfolds inside a person. The loneliness tears at the relationship, breeding confusion, anger, emotional distance, and profound unhappiness.

Quality Time

The relentless pace of busy lives, family obligations, and demanding careers, can lead to engaging in less meaningful time together, resulting in a growing sense of isolation and disconnection.

Trust Issues

Infidelity, dishonesty, and trust breaches inflict deep, seemingly irreparable, wounds on the relationship, fueling ongoing struggles, emotional turmoil, and a profound sense of betrayal.

The Re-Imagined Process



Couple search for help to plan re-pair their relationship.

It all begins with a complimentary session (in person or via Zoom) to confirm that the Coupleships Re-Imagined (CRI) program is your path to a more fulfilling relationship. In this phase, we will discuss the benefits of CRI, make sure it is a good fit for you, and map out a customized program that is tailored just for you and your coupleship needs.



Couple celebrates as they re-connect in their relationship.

The heart of our program creates a rare opportunity for you to set aside daily life and reserve two days exclusively for your coupleship. This allows us to create a safe place for you and your partner. You will be encouraged to express yourselves, learn essential skills, mend relational rifts, cultivate empathy and deeper understanding, and collaboratively practice skills to reshape your coupleship dynamics.



Couple is confident as they they re-fine their relationship.

In the program's culmination, we reconvene four weeks after your two-day experience, either in person or via Zoom, to Re-Fine your skills. In these two hours, we celebrate your successes, address your challenges, and fine-tune your abilities. The four-week interval allows new habits to solidify, empathy to grow, and self-reflection to deepen, providing the potential for a Re-Imagined Coupleship.  Are you ready?

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TL, Grand Haven, MI

“Amy is a master of relationship development.  She taught us a relational model and gave us language and skills that could help us address and work through conflicts to ultimately repair and rebuild our partnership.”
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DK, Muskegon, MI

“Our communication has improved tremendously with the tools we have learned from the immersion program. Thank you for being here, right now, when we so needed this experience!  I appreciate Amy’s commitment to the peace and joy of relationships!”
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EH, Grand Haven, MI

“It wasn’t until Amy that I felt truly safe enough to put everything on the table. She has given me the tools to examine my life and understand myself and my boundaries better…which has profoundly changed the course of my life." 

Frequently Asked Questions

Couple wonders how long the re-imagine process will take.

We understand that couples often juggle busy lives, family, and work, with little time or energy for their coupleship.  Unlike weekly coaching or counseling, our program offers an efficient effective solution with just three time commitments plus an optional bonus:

  1. 80-Minute Consultation:  See if this program is right for you. (Zoom or In Person)

  2. Two-Day Experience:  Upgrade your relationship skills.   (In Person)

  3. Two-Hour Followup Session:  Ensure progress continues.  (Zoom or In Person)

  4. Bonus: Self-guided activities to anchor long-lasting improvement. (Location of Your Choice)

Couple wonders if their long-time struggle will get help.

Research and experience shows that immersive programs can work wonders, even if you have been struggling for a while.


In your Complimentary Consultation, discover what the Coupleships Re-Imagined program has to offer and if it's the right fit for your relationship goals and circumstances.


It's the first step towards change.

Couple encounters hesitancy in the process.

While our program is designed for couples, remember that even one person's initiative can be the catalyst for change.


Take the first step with our complimentary initial consultation; it's a no-obligation opportunity for you and your partner to ask questions, voice concerns, and discover the potential within you and your coupleship.

Couple experience a sense of hope for their future.

The true value of investing in your relationship goes far beyond financial – it encompasses mental, emotional, and relational costs as well.


We understand that when couples reach out to us, the stakes are high. This is why we take great care to tailor a program to your coupleship. We offer an immersive experience that delivers the equivalent of a year's worth of coaching or counseling.


It's an investment in the future of your relationship that goes beyond measure. Start with our complimentary consultation to see if this is a good fit for your coupleship needs.


If you desire a stronger connection, it is a powerful indicator that you may be ready to Re-Imagine your coupleship. At CUP-Health, we are passionate about helping people create more fulfilling coupleships. Let's collaborate to unlock your unlimited possibilities.  Get in touch today!

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